A day in the life: 2014 World Series game 7 for a Giants fan


A documented rendering of game 7 of the 2014 World Series between the Giants and Royals through the eyes of a Giants fan on the East Coast…

8:12 – (Gregor) Blanco is hitting flyballs. This is great.

8:15 – Buster Posey’s up, unofficially 1-for-1,000,101 on the series with -1 RBI. He broke his bat on a grounder. This is not ideal. Madison Bumgarner is up, right? (Right?!)

8:18 – Travis Ishikawa isn’t in left field. I feel good about this. Tim Hudson is 39 years old, on the mound, starting GAME SEVEN in the World Series. He needs that ring.

8:19 – No really, Tim Hudson is OLD

8:20 – Baseball is cruel.

8:21 – Juan Perez! Making catches! (OK, it was hit right to him).

8:23 – I can only hope to be near as cool as Marlins Man and his sideways orange visor.

8:24 – Alright, Huddy, that’s your one walk allowed before MadBum comes in.

8:24, pt 2 – Other Giant fans aren’t so patient as I.

8:25 – It’s GAME SEVEN in the World Series. The Giants are in it. The Dodgers are not. Los Gigiantes are 5-0 in elimination games since they’ve been good at baseball under Bruce Bochy. Cain beat out a potential double-play grounder, that’s two down now though.

8:28 – When I’m not typing, I have a National League baseball in my hand from the mid-90s I got at a Giants-Marlins game. Huddy just struck out Hosmer to end the 1st inning. No scores, that’s good.

8:29 –  Back to the ball, I wasn’t able to get any Giants’ signatures that day. My tickets were courtesy of short-time Major Leaguer Kurt Abbott, who was on the Marlins. His sig is really faded on it, along with independent league stars from the Sonoma County Crushers.

8:32 – Kung Fu Panda gets knicked on the elbow and takes his base to start the 2nd. We’re in thread two on McCovey Chronicles, the Giants fansite. Let’s check in…

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.33.41 PM

Oh, Hunter Pence single.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.34.18 PM

He’s eeeeeeeeennnnnn fuuuuuuuuueeeegggooooooo this postseason.

8:35 – Brandon Belt hasn’t been great this World Series, but he’s good enough to load the bases with no one out. Also, @SFGiants Twitter is five seconds ahead of my HD U-Verse feed. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying all in one Tweetdeck stream. DO SOMETHING MORSE.

8:37 – THAT IS SOMETHING, MORSE, A SAC-FLY RBI! There’s your run, Huddy.


8:40 – Hunter Pence just said something while shown on camera going to break. I’m sure it was inspiring. Let’s win this inning, Giants.

8:44 – No, seriously, Hunter Pence is awesome.


8:44 – why is billy butler

8:45 – what is baseball (Gordon RBI double scores Billy flippin’ Butler from first).

8:46 – Tim Hudson is hitting people now. Everything is awful.

8:47 – No, seriously, where’s Madison Bumgarner?

8:48 – That was a painful HBP for Perez. No fun at all. Tim Lincecum is warming up…lol.

8:49 – Juan Perez, nooooooooooo. Can’t let Gordon take third on a flyball to LF like that.

8:52 – Put Madison Bumgarner in the outfield.

8:52 – Throwing the ball from the outfield is a requirement for outfielders, right? On most teams? That’s a thing? (Sac-fly ties it up 2-all).

8:53 – Adios, Huddy, that sucks. Two on, two out for Jeremy Affeldt. Don’t suck.

8:54 – The Giants have one starter. I honestly have no idea how we won three games in this series, given Bumgarner started just two of them.

8:55 – oh is that bad

8:57 – I love you Jeremy. I love you Brandon (Crawford). Inning drawn? Inning stalemate? Inning tied.

8:59 – I remember that one. It sucked.

9:00 – We’re about an hour in. It’s a tie game, which I would have gladly taken pregame. Jeremy Guthrie’s in the 30s now in pitches facing the lineup for the second time around.

9:03 – Posey’s really 3-for-18 with 2 RBI going into this at-bat, which is better than I thought.

9:04 – MCC thread count, three. Posey WS strikeout count, two, just two now.

9:06 – #talkinbouttheNOLES

9:08 – Jeremy Affeldt’s still in. He was always my next-to-last option in the bullpen in the MLB the Show series. His “SCV’ was OK and all, but the fastball would get crushed. I’m #teamjavy with lefty relievers.


9:12 – Ned Yost is a hard guy to dislike.

9:13 – Joe Panik is pretty great. Don’t ever do that flip again. Also, Hosmer’s out at first. Replay that. Stupid diving into first base. OK, do that flip again, but only if you can really turn that kinda double play. Then do it every time in your career, Panik.

9:16 – We’re three minutes into this review. Are they ordering room service? Changing their car insurance policy? Four minutes later, the right call Is made.

9:18 – Replay’s great, umpires are fallible.


9:22 – Marlins Man is on the right shoulder of the ump, with his silly Miami Marlins orange visor and jersey. He has a fun backstory that the internet has told. He’s also done nice things in this series.

9:25 – Kung Fu Panda with the most Giants Baseball plays of all Giants Baseball plays, an infield single.

9:26 – Check that, the most Giants Baseball play is a throwing error on a sac bunt that scores the runner from first. That didn’t happen in this game, but I’m sure it’s happened before. Also, Hunter Pence is a professional hitter that gets hits and things like that (two on, no out for Brandon #1).

9:27 – Hunter Pence has enough hits for him and Buster Posey this World Series, though I’d like Posey to hit for himself tonight too.

9:29 – Kung Fu Panda is freaking on, moving to third base on the deep fly.

9:32 – We are less than an hour and a half in and both starters are chased. The KC bullpen is scary.

9:33 – I feel like KC relievers are like all those people affected by the explosion in ‘The Flash.’ I guess that makes Sandoval ‘The Flash.’ Also, Morse RBI single, Giants are back on top, 3-2 in the 4th.

9:34 – I love Mike Morse.

9:38 – It’s a lead, a shaky, shaky lead. Also, I follow St. John’s Baseball on Twitter for some reason.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.38.46 PM

9:40 – It’s the fourth inning and Jeremy Affeldt is pitching and Madison Bumgarner is not.

9:42 – Welp, that’s a couple bad pitches from Affeldt and there’s a runner on leading off. Tim Lincecum is wearing a toboggan over his cap. He takes it off and starts warming up again. Affeldt induces a double-play and Joe Panik is a sure hall-of-famer.

9:45 – Jeremy Affeldt looks like Kevin Millar if Millar ever looked like a real athlete. Also: Inning. Won.

9:47 – MCC thread count, 4.


9:51 – Things that can happen with MadBum in: 1. Become a legend 2. Win all the MVPs 3. Guzzle all the MLB-sponsored booze*

* That was going to happen anyway, win or loss.

9:53 – 3-for-20.

9:55 – *MadBum Voice* This is Kansas City’s reckoning.

9:59 – MadBum is broken (leadoff single).

10:01 – So, he’s not sharp. Surprise, surprise. Executed the bunt defense OK, gets the sure out. Tying runner on at 2B. Need some swings and misses.

10:04 – JUAN. PEREZ. HELL. YES. Ishikawa is still tracking the ball down in the corner right now. Huge play, good positioning and jump.

10:05 – 93 on the gun! He threw a complete-game shutout on Sunday!

10:07 – MadBum with the K on that high heat. Big. Also…

10:08 – As far as I’m concerned, the whole Bay Area region can be renamed Madison Bumgarner, or whatever he would like it to be called.

10:11 – Kung Fu Panda is up for free agency. Pay that man (3-for-3 on the night)…and Pence hits into a double play. Yuck.

10:13 – Could be worse, I ‘spose:

10:15 – I admire how Morse swings for the neighboring county on every hack.

10:17 – Oh, did you think you were getting more runs, MadBum? lolnah

10:19 – I’ve moved to stress-eating. Killing some cheese crackers right now. They are delicious.

10:22 – (Still eating)

10:23 – I think the CGI shadow over the field for the fake hovering stats board is a bit much, FOX. 10:25 – 1. 2. 3. Inning.

10:27 – MCC thread count, five. (Me writing thread as ‘threat’ count, count: three. Probably some sorta Freudian thing).

10:29 – dont u have more important things to do smrt guy

10:31 – (Still, still eating)

10:35 – #godumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumb

10:37 – Yes, yes they should

10:39 – Recent Clemson football games have conditioned my heart for this, a bit. I’m out of cheese crackers.

10:41 – Two outs, too easy. Now Bumgarner is being compared to Randy Johnson…and C.J. Wilson?????????????????

10:43 – Madison. Kyle. Bumgarner.

10:44 –

10:45 – Remember that first batter, and MadBum gave up a hit, lolwut, right?

10:46 – That’s O-TWENTY-SIX

10:49 – 3-for-21. #sigh

10:49 – PAY THAT MAN!

10:51 – Going for a walk.


10:58 – My local FOX station just gave me a heart attack with a remix mid-groundball to put their station lower-third in. I don’t know how many lives I have left you guys.

11:01 – Now they troll me with a lotto show split-screen for the third out in the eighth. The. Worst.

11:02 – Oh hey, Bumgarner’s still awesome and there’s a few outs between us and some even year sttttuuuufffffff again.

11:04 – MCC t-h-r-e-a-d count, six!

11:05 – Nobody up in the pen. I understand it, but it scares the hell out of me. Runs, please, Gigantes.

11:07 –

11:09 – (Freaking out)

11:10 – Si se puede

11:10 – (Freaking out some more)

11:12 –

11:13 – (Peak freaking out level)

11:13 – It’s weird how you never really mistake “peek” for “peak” when you mean “peak,” but I don’t think I ever successfully gone “peek” first when I mean “peek” in a sentence.

11:15 – (double fist-pump, Bumgarner Ks for out one)

11:16 – NASTY CURVE for strike one v. Butler

11:17 – UNO. MAS.

11:17 – lolomgwtf

11:18 – What is Perez doing there???? You back up your man. I played rec-league ball. I know these things. Yuck.

11:20 – (Dead. All the way dead).

11:21 – Perez pops up. Thinks up clever tweet. Hits ‘tweet.’

11:24 – Madison Bumgarner sounds as excited as he was for his stack of flapjacks this morning.

11:25 – Buster Posey is bored with this stuff by now. Insane that the Giants won this thing with him contributing just on the fielding side. Amazing player, tough series at the plate.

11:29 –

11:30 – The great thing about everyone of these World Series wins is how unexpected they were. It’s not like the Giants went and added some big-name free agent and broke the bank. Michael Morse – he of a .215 average last year – was our big addition, for a one-year deal. Bruce Bochy is a coaching deity. Brian Sabean is a number-crunching savant. The Giants make weird signings and just develop the talent they drafted – and boom – this stuff happens. Insane.

11:33 – Some people don’t like Erin Andrews, she asks fun questions now though. Seems more relaxed than her ESPN days.

11:42 – More MadBum TV time! Awkward Chevy guy with a long speech! Amazing…Bumgarner with a smile though.

11:44 – I love Pablo Sandoval. Seriously, pay. the. man.

After 1 (a.m.) – Posting this, go Giants!